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AMD Navi GPU to beat RTX 2070, price and release date revealed

Published: 11:43, 21 May 2019
artwork showing a logo of amd radeon navi on a dark blue background
AMD Radeon Navi

According to a Sapphire product manager, AMD will launch two Navi GPUs on 07 July 2019. The stronger one named Navi XT will beat Nvidia's RTX 2070 for the same price - $499 - while the less powerful GPU will compete with RTX 2060.

Recently, AMD held a special event in Chengdu, China in celebration of their 50 year anniversary. A product manager and PR director of AMD's biggest graphics card partner Sapphire attended the event and revealed some details on AMD's upcoming Navi GPUs in an interview for Chinese tech websites.

According to Sapphire rep, AMD currently have two Navi GPUs, scheduled to release on 07 July 2019. With these two products, the company's plan is to target the mid to high range gaming. The fastest model would be named Navi XT and according to Sapphire, it will beat Nvidia's RTX 2070 card at the same price point - $499.

The second card, which is a cut-down Pro chip is apparently stronger than Nvidia's RTX 2060, falling somewhere between this card and already mentioned RTX 2070 for the price of $399, which is $50 higher than MSRP of RTX 2060.

Sapphire rep also confirmed that AMD did not implement any type of ray tracing in their Navi cards but such technology will debut with the new architecture that is scheduled to release sometime next year.

For those who are hoping to see a more powerful version of Navi card, well, according to Sapphire, that's not going to happen as AMD don't have plans to scale up Navi for the enthusiast segment. Instead, the company's Vega-based Radeon VII will still be their flagship product.

Speaking about Radeon VII, Sapphire confirmed that they don't have plans for custom designs but are working on some for the Navi architecture. One of the custom designs will be a water-cooled Toxic version, which Sapphire used for R9 200 series by AMD, only without the water cooling.

AMD artwork showing amd gpu chip AMD GPU Architecture

AMD will probably reveal Navi GPUs along with new Ryzen CPUs on Computex 2019, which takes place on 27 May 2019. Sapphire rep confirmed this and added that cards will launch on 07 July 2019.

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