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Rumour: Apple to enter PC gaming hardware market with $5K esports rig

Published: 14:33, 31 December 2019
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Apple have made it pretty clear that they want the piece of the gaming pie, but Apple Arcade meant it's only the Mac-sprinkled part of the pie. Now, however, reports point to the company going for the PC gaming hardware segment as well.

As reported by , the US tech giant is expected to launch a high-end e-sports Mac during their annual WWDC conference, which takes place from 3-7 June 2020 in San Jose, California.

As we've come to expect from the company, this pleasure won't come cheap, not least thanks to the Apple logo. This logo, as you know, tends to be very pricey to manufacture, or to put it less sarcastically - the branding will cost you. 

So, the rumours speak of a high-end PC unit that will come priced at $5,000, which is about what we'd expect from Apple. It's unclear whether they'll deliver it as a MacBook Pro or an iMac branded product, but we suppose we'll hear more before June. 

Naturally, there's no mention of possible specs, but it's well worth noting that Apple have rarely skimped in this department. While admittedly overpriced, Apple's hardware has regularly delivered with top-notch components, so that's one thing we wouldn't be worried about. 

If indeed true, this would mean a huge first for the San Cupertino company, especially since a good chunk of its existence has been spent in comparisons of which one's better. Surely everyone still remembers those "I'm PC, and I'm a Mac" commercials?

Epic Games Hands holding a phone with the user playing Fortnite iOS Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

Apple acted pretty quickly in following the general game subscription trends, announcing and launching Apple Arcade, which already boasts quite the offer of games. Their independence of PC has helped them evade the 70-30 per cent revenue split debate as well, but it's widely expected they'll have no other choice than to comply if Google and Valve decide to do so.

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