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New Battlefield 1 map revealed

Published: 18:16, 10 April 2017
Battlefield 1

DICE has just revealed a screenshot of a new map to drop for Battlefield 1 Premium owners in June. The map was given a short description but not much else.

DICE just revealed a screenshot of the map called Nivelle Nights. The extra map will be coming to all Premium owners in June. The screenshot dropped recently, and DICE added a small description:

"As darkness falls over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, French and German batteries prepare to yet again support their troops on the contested ground"

The text continues:

"The moon, the searchlights, and the artillery lights up the night skies, exposing the vast network of trenches"

EA Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass

Lets see what can we take away from the screenshot and its description.

First off, whatever goes down in this map, it's going to go down at night. Duh, its called Nivelle Nights.

Real-world history tells us that:

Malmaison is a French château, once a residence owned by Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoléon Bonaparte.

Soupir was a village, almost completely destroyed during the Second Battle of the Aisne in the World War I.

The battle will go down between the French and German solders on the Western Front. The opposing forces will duke it out covered by the veil of the night, which will only be broken by the searchlights and gunfire.

The new map will not be a part of any expansion, but thematically falls right into They Shall Not Pass DLC territory.

YouTube Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass

What does the June release date say for the game's next expansion "In the Name of the Tsar"? Probably that it will be a couple more months, and DICE are giving you a new setting to tide you over until the expansion drops.

Last week, the plans for Battlefield 1 were detailed in a post on the game's official page. talked about the monthly updates coming after the Spring one, and the upcoming expansions.

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