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Battlefield 1 Operation Campaigns are now free for everyone

Published: 11:55, 15 January 2018
Updated: 12:50, 15 January 2018
Two soldiers shooting across the trenches in Battlefield 1's Nivelle Nights map
Battlefield 1 - Nivelle Nights

DICE introduced Operation Campaigns late last year, only to take the mode away in December, 2017. The developer has now decided to bring the multiplayer mode back and make it accessible to anyone who owns the base game.

After crunching the numbers and seeing that they've gotten every last penny they could have squeezed out of their players, EA decided to make the Operation Campaigns in Battlefield 1 free for everyone. They even threw together a new campaign and tossed it into the mix. 

Battlefield 1's existing Operation Campaigns mode was introduced late last year. The mode took a bunch of objective based maps and made an entirely new campaign in the game's multiplayer mode.

DICE A soldier with a flamethrower in Battlefield 1 Battlefield 1

The Operation Campaigns featured two instances: one that everyone who owned the game had access to, and another, more exclusive variation reserved for those with the required DLC. The mode disappeared in December.

Operation Campaigns are now back and you don't have to pay extra to take part in them any more, and the same goes for the new map.

Fire & Ice is the latest addition to the mode, that should make anyone who spent their money on the Season Pass rip their hair out in a fit of rage. The new mode features a cross between maps from the game's two DLC packs. You'll be sent to wage war on Devil's Anvil from They Shall Not Pass and Brusilov Offensive from In The Name of the Tsar.

DICE Soldier in the foreground is aiming his pistol, with three more soldiers in the background and a zeppelin going up in flames behind them. Battlefield 1

"One of the primary goals for Operation Campaigns was to rally as many players as we can around content to ensure the servers are as full as possible. We have seen tremendous success with the first two Campaigns in this regard, so moving forward we are making the following change" says a by DICE.

If you've already splurged on a Premium Pass, you do get some exclusive tools on each map. Totally worth it.

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