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Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass expansion is free for grabs

Published: 23:07, 05 May 2018
Soldiers are fighting in trench warfare during World War 1 in Battlefield
Battlefield 1

EA and DICE have put Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC up for grabs until 14 May 2018. This DLC pack introduces players to the hardened French Army in a fight for their homeland and is considered to be one of the game's better DLCs.

EA and DICE have posted the fairly simple instructions on how players can add the DLC to their libraries. First up, they need to go to their respective Battlefield 1 store, ergo PlayStation Store, Xbox Game Store or Origin client for PC. Players then need to find the expansion pack in the store and add it to their shopping cart, check out for $/£/€0,00  et voila - free DLC pack.

Some of the features of this DLC pack include the popular close quarters combat map Fort de Vaux as well as the Rupture map for the players who like more open environments that include vehicular and aerial combat. Players who like history or sci-fi movies with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will also like that They Shall Not Pass adds Verdun Heights map, which was the "venue" of the Battle of Verdun. This pack will also unlock the Trench Raider Elite class, Ribeyrolles 1918 and new melee weapons.

One of the controversial parts of Battlefield 1 is that some armies crucial to World War 1 were not present in vanilla games in order to serve as a selling point for future DLCs. Such is the case with French Army which was added with They Shall Not Pass DLC.

Frontlines game mode was also introduced with this DLC, and it is a mix of Rush and Conquest game modes, essentially described as a "tug of war" kind of mode. Players will first fight each other over who gets to capture a flag that's placed between the teams and after one team does, the flag will respawn after 30 seconds. If a team's rear flag is captured, the Rush phase will commence where one team is attacking and the other is defending a telegraph. Victory is achieved upon destroying the opposing team's telegraph.

EA A soldier is running in front of a tank on Battlefield 4 promotional image Battlefield 4

That said, Battlefield 1 is not the only game in the series that is giving away free DLC. Battlefield 4 is there to scratch  the players' itch for modern combat and Dragon's Teeth DLC will also be free until 14 May 2018. The same "purchase" rules apply here.


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