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New Albion Online patch adds player statues to the open world

Published: 06:22, 14 December 2021
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online - Winners of Energy Surge statue
Albion Online - Winners of Energy Surge statue

The Energy Surge season is over, and in Lands Awakened patch 1 that means that the world of Albion Online will be forever different with the addition of statues commemorating the winners.

Recently we have had a standalone Energy Surge season in Albion Online. This can't be said to be a tournament that happens very often, and the players are immortalized in Albion Online's lore and the world with their statues displayed in various locations for all players to see.

The winners of the standalone Energy Surge Season have had their statues unveiled, and this time they are placed in the open world! Here are the winners and where you can find their statues: 

  • First Place: The Lonely Men, Redtree Enclave.
  • Second Place: Hadoop, Drybasin Oasis.
  • Third Place: Be Careful, Sunstrand Quicksands.

Sandbox Interactive One of the available HQ options in Albion Online These HQ options in Albion Online are bringing more than just a cosmetic change

As well as that, it is worth mentioning that the requirements for declaring a Headquarters Hideout have been updated. Most notably, you can now designate a Headquarters immediately when the Season Point threshold has been reached - you no longer need to wait until the following season to declare a Headquarters. Furthermore, the top-600 ranking requirement has been removed.

This change will enable a more healthy Guild management and competition. As soon as any guild is able, both big and small, they are capable of designating their Headquarters, and this is exactly what SandBox are going for in the new season.

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