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Neon abilities will introduce interesting caveats to Valorant mechanics

Published: 01:36, 10 January 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Neon splash art
Valorant - Neon splash art

Valorant is getting new mechanics due to the nature of Neon's abilities but they will have enough depth to make players explore more the longer they play her.

Neon's abilities have either extended functionality or simply more of it than the initial description suggests. For example, the newest Valorant duelist will have a powerful vision denial tool with her dual wall that also damages enemies that pass through it. What the description doesn't mention is that allied agents passing through it will also take damage. Unlike Viper's wall, this one does not return your health when you leave it. Neon herself can cross the wall without taking damage.

Relay Bolt, meanwhile, sounds like a straightforward projectile that can bounce off a surface. It is worth keeping in mind that the projectile will almost enter a free-fall state upon touching a wall, reaching ground very close to the zone of initial impact.

High Gear allows Neon to slide after sprinting. The slide itself can't be steered - it will always be in a straight line, in the direction you were aiming at initially. On the other hand, Neon can aim freely during the slide, which should make for some interesting corner clearing. 

Her ultimate, Overdrive, will reset the slide cooldown so be careful - even if you saw her slide, she can do it again, provided the ulti is charged. Also try to keep your distance while Overdrive is active because Neon will have to close it in order to get full damage potential from it. The damage can get down to less than half, should she end up far enough from her target.

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