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Monster Hunter World update brings a new boss named Deviljho and weapon changes

Published: 18:49, 22 March 2018
A monster is attacking some people who were looking for trouble.
Monster Hunter World

Two months after the successful launch of Monster Hunter World, Capcom are introducing the game's first DLC boss and huge gameplay changes. All weapons had their functionality changed in some way, except for the light and heavy bowgun.

Capcom are making sure their current golden goose doesn't get stale for the players and as such, on top of the new content, the game is receiving a soft revamp of the weapon mechanics. Update 2.00 introduces Deviljho, a Brute Wyvern boss, the mentioned weapon changes and quality of life changes such as shorter loading times.

As the official patch notes mention, Deviljho will invade six and seven star quests and high rank expeditions, once you have completed the investigation for ''??? Rathian'' in the main story.

Deviljho special assignment is also present but the conditions for obtaining it are not yet disclosed. Its parts will be used for crafting Vangis α and Vangis β armor sets.

Capcom Picture of Deviljho, supposedly a ''Brute Wyvern'' but he looks like a discount T-Rex Monster Hunter World - depending pronounciation, Deviljho either sounds like ''Devil Joe'' or an extremely spicy taco.

Almost all weapons have been changed, mostly focusing on increasing damage output but also increasing charge times. For example, Great Sword moves Charged Slash 2 and 3 and both their Strong Charged Slash versions had their damage increased. Long Sword's Foresight Slash received a ton of buffs, including an increase to time window and hitbox to trigger it successfully. Its Damage hitbox also got increased as well as the angle that the player can control the direction of the attack.

Spirit Helm Breaker has been fixed and now properly grants immunity to knockbacks until you land on the ground. Sword and Shield received a damage buff on Roundslash. Demon Gauge for Dual Blades can now be increased by using roundslashes in Demon Mode and Demony Flurry Rush.

Speaking of Demon Mode, the bug that prevented its cancellation after a Demon Dodge is also fixed. More weapon changes, including the ones for Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance and Switch axe can be found on the official update .

Capcom A dude in heavy armor is shooting a gunlance while holding a shield. Monster Hunter: World - Gunlance

This update also changes the way data processing is done in order to reduce loading times, adds a multitude of social functionalities such as kicking players from the player list, an option to return to gathering hub in both single player and multiplayer after a quest.

Also those pesky allies can no longer bug you during the carving animation as you are now immune to interrupts, including the ones from bombs.

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