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Monster Hunter: Rise gets new trailer, Switch demo coming tomorrow

Published: 15:14, 07 January 2021
Updated: 15:27, 07 January 2021
Monster Hunter: Rise characters fighting a monster
Monster Hunter: Rise, o happy days!

Capcom have aired a short but sweet livestream, where they unveiled the new Monster Hunter: Rise trailer, some weapons, locations, monsters, as well as scheduled the Switch demo for tomorrow.

Now, there's been some confusion over the demo as a result of different time zones. The livestream says January 7, but Capcom's Twitter says Monster Hunter: Rise demo launches on January 8, 2020. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to check, wherever you are.

Monster Hunter: Rise's stream starts at the 30-minute mark, but the new trailer starts at 31:08. Capcom did a traditionally good job, contrasting the comfy home with the unforgiving wilderness, but it quickly dives into the holy trinity of the franchise - locations, weapons and monsters. 

The dev has already shown a few mouthwatering Monster Hunter: Rise locations, and they continued in that fashion, albeit with way more ice than water. Frost Islands have once been home to huge dragons, the sort that apparently no monster hunter ever managed to topple. 

Capcom stressed that each map features endemic local life that can help you in your quests, although some are considerably bigger and more aggressive than others. 

They also showed Goss Harag, one of the monsters developed specifically for Monster Hunter: Rise. The already-fanged beast can create additional icy fangs for extra slashing action. And, as if that wasn't enough, it looks to be quite mobile. 

Next up is the Flying Wyvern Barioth, who should be familiar to seasoned MH veterans, and the same goes for Khezu, the cave-dwelling, electricity wielding beast. 

Great Baggi is yet another familiar face from Monster Hunter 3, whose llama-grade spitting skills rely on sleep-inducing saliva. In contrast, Lagombi doesn't spit, but once it starts tumbling towards you, you'll wish it did. 

Monster Hunter: Rise fans have been praying for Capcom to include Leviathan Mizutsune, and the dev obliged, but the flagship monster of the game is Magnamalo, a heavily armoured beast with a tail attack that spews hellfire. 

Once players have met certain requirements, Monster Hunter: Rise will let them use their Wirebug to ride wild monsters and even have them attack other monsters.

You can check out more Monster Hunter: Rise characters, monsters and weapons in the above live stream, or if you own a Switch, get them trigger fingers ready.

Monster Hunter: Rise by Capcom, for Nintendo Switch

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten

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