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Monster Hunter Rise PC release date set, eerie Halloween plans announced

Published: 16:21, 01 October 2021
artwork showing Monster Hunter Rise logo
Monster Hunter Rise logo

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC next year, and a demo version will be available on October 13. Capcom will collab with Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Resurrection to bring Halloween to life in Monster Hunter Rise.

PC players will finally get a chance to step foot into the Kamura Village starting on January 12, 2022. Before they can sink their teeth into everything Monster Hunter Rise has to offer, however, there will be a free demo available to anyone who wishes to give the upcoming game a couple of spins. The demo will become available on October 13.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest instalment in the action RPG series and lets the players experience life in the colourful Kamura Village. Players can expect the same gameplay beats present in the previous Monster Hunter entries, and this means various armour and weapon types, but most importantly, it means defeating monsters and crafting more unique weapons and mail. These and other tasks can be tackled solo or with the help of up to three other hunters in cooperative local or online play.

When it launches, Monster Hunter Rise on PC will include all major post-launch content available in the Nintendo Switch version through the end of November 2021. The PC version will feature customizable optimizations, 4K resolution and ultrawide (21:9 aspect ratio) support, uncapped framerates and high-resolution textures. 

Monster Hunter Rise demo will give players access to all 14 weapon types, a "Training" option for the newcomers and a chance to learn about the new world with up to three friends. 

Capcom Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak teaser reveal Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak teaser reveal

A major expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, will be available for purchase to players on both platforms in summer 2022. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak includes a new storyline and new base of operations, as well as new locales, monsters, gameplay features, quest rank, and more. All progress from the base game will transfer over to the expansion when played on the same system.

Also announced today, was the new Capcom Collab that will feature the brave knight Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Resurrection. After completing the Event Quest, players will see their armour transformed into Arthur’s iconic get-up and hunter's throwing knives will take on the shape of lances. The collab will also feature music from the recently-released Ghosts n’ Goblins: Resurrection and a special cutscene at the end. Switch players can access the collab quest starting on October 28.

The final piece of information revealed today brings news of a team-up with Sega, to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary in Monster Hunter Rise. More information on this will be shared soon, but before the Event Quest’s release in November.

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