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Monster Hunter: Rise appears to have crashed Nintendo Switch eShop

Published: 13:25, 08 January 2021
artwork showing Monster Hunter Rise logo
Monster Hunter Rise logo

Capcom's highly anticipated demo of Monster Hunter: Rise has officially launched on Switch, but it also appears to have crashed Nintendo's eShop in the UK.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Nintendo eShop visitors from the UK are being met with a message that servers are not operational. According to the notification, the servers are currently undergoing maintenance, and should be back shortly.

To be fair there's a possibility that the whole thing is just a weird coincidence and that Nintendo's servers started acting up just in time for Monster Hunter: Rise's announcement. 

Even if that's true, though, Monster Hunter: Rise certainly didn't help alleviate these troubles, what with fans swarming Nintendo's eShop since last night and probably throughout the day today. 

Ironically enough, Capcom's conflicting announcement of Monster Hunter: Rise's launch date probably made the issue even worse. 

Capcom's presentation of Monster Hunter: World told fans the demo launches on January 7, 2021, which would mean players can pick it up right after the live stream. Which many of them tried only to find no trace of the game in eShop. 

The issue was apparently related to time zones, which someone at Capcom obviously miscalculated, leaving hordes of western fans to keep refreshing eShop like mad in hope of hitting a few hunts before bedtime. 

On the plus side, however, Capcom couldn't have gotten a better indicator of just how eagerly anticipated Monster Hunter: Rise is.

Nintendo Monster Hunter: Rise screenshot showing male warrior Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter franchise is no stranger to Nintendo's platforms, with a few instalments developed specifically for 3DS. Unfortunately, the hardware demands of Monster Hunter: World meant that the Switch port isn't happening, but fans kept asking and the dev arguably came up with an even better solution. 

Thanks, Eurogamer

Monster Hunter: Rise by Capcom, for Nintendo Switch

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Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten

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