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Capcom pleased with Monster Hunter: Rise preorders, strong demand in Japan

Published: 15:39, 01 February 2021
Monster Hunter: Rise characters fighting a monster
Monster Hunter: Rise, o happy days!

Capcom have shared a few bits of info on their upcoming Switch exclusive, Monster Hunter: Rise, claiming that preorders are going well, especially in Japan.

The news comes from Capcom's investors Q&A session, where investors showed they're quite interested in Monster Hunter: Rise. Which shouldn't come as surprise considering that Monster Hunter: World is the company's biggest earner by a mile. 

Asked to comment on the preorders of the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Capcom said they're pleased with how they're going at the moment. Nevertheless, the company says they don't want to get carried away by preliminary stats, so they'll keep monitoring the situation. 

According to the early numbers on how quickly the preorders are going, however, Capcom said there are indications it will be big in Japan. They're confident that the Western markets will catch up, much like they did with Monster Hunter: World. 

Peculiarly enough, one of the investors wanted to know what happens if consumers shift from consoles to PC and whether it will impact Capcom's profitability. 

"As we develop our business, there is no big difference in profitability between game machines and PCs, so we do not think that the impact on our company will be large", the company said. 

Now, we're fairly confident Western markets will catch up quickly, not least considering that Monster Hunter: Rise's demo availability led to Nintendo's eShop UK crashing. 

CAPCOM Monster Hunter: Rise (Nintendo Switch screenshot) Monster Hunter: Rise (Nintendo Switch)

Capcom were also asked to comment on the data breach they suffered last year and whether it impacted their game development business negatively, but the company claims that other than the general inconvenience, the game making departments have not suffered and it's business as usual. 

You can find the transcript of the Q&A here (in Japanese).

Monster Hunter: Rise by Capcom, for Nintendo Switch

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Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten

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