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Monster Hunter: Rise dev shows weapons, maps, announces Switch demo

Published: 13:20, 14 December 2020
Monster Hunter: Rise, Somnacanth
Monster Hunter: Rise, Somnacanth

Monster Hunter: Rise, Capcom's reimagining of MH:W for Nintendo Switch, will be getting a demo soon, and the company released a few more trailers and screenshots for you to pass the time until then.

"Put on your waterproof boots and prepare to wade through the Flooded Forest and confront slippery new foes in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s also time to start getting your Nintendo Switch ready for your first taste of Monster Hunter Rise with the free, public demo that will be released in January", the company wrote. 

The first trailer is for the Bow, which is a swift, elegant and precise weapon that combines high mobility and rapid attacks. Monster Hunter: Rise players who crave more DPS can activate Herculean Draw, or if you're low on stamina, Focus Shot.

Monster Hunter: Rise's second trailer is about Dual Blades, which I'm certain will eternally remind me of Ilidan. "Lithe, agile and relentless", Capcom wrote, and it describes the weapon pretty well. 

Capable of delivering a flurry of slices in rapid succession, Dual Blades allow for Shrouded Vault and Piercing Bind, for extra damage and attacks. 

Monster Hunter: Rise developer also released a few screenshots of monsters and locations that await players. You probably know that the game was built from the ground up, and the "Rise" part is referring to verticality, which will play an important role. 

Below is a screenshot of Flooded Forest:

Capcom Monster Hunter: Rise, Flooded Forest Monster Hunter: Rise, Flooded Forest

And here is another lovely creature you'll find in Flooded Forest, in addition to the one on the cover image that goes by the name Somnacanth No worries they don't bite. Well, sort of. Okay, they do, but they're still cuddly:

Capcom Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten

You can find Capcom's announcement here, or check out more screenshots in our gallery below.

Monster Hunter: Rise by Capcom, for Nintendo Switch

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten

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