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Modders bring an open-source multiplayer mod to Subnautica

Published: 01:41, 23 December 2018
picture showing a character diving

Folks at Nexus Mods have released an open-source multiplayer modification for Subnautica dubbed Nitrox. The mod is in very early stages of development and it will allow players to enjoy the underwater survival game with their friends.

Those who played Subnautica know that surviving the ocean depths can be tricky on your own especially after discovering the creatures roaming the deepest parts of the underwater world.

Fortunately, modders took care of that and now you'll have the opportunity to play Subnautica with your friends. Nitrox was announced in 2017 and has now finally dropped on NexusMods as an open source modification. The developers said that the mod is in the very early stages of development but a solid foundation has been laid for the community to iterate on.

They're hopeful that more people can jump in and contribute now that Nitrox is finally out. Those who are looking to try it out can follow the installation guide, but according to the devs the installation process "is not for faint-hearted". The mod is not intended for casual play just yet as the devs ask for more patience while they build "a great enhancement for the game".

Back in 2017, Unknown World Entertainment released a statement saying that they're fully behind this mod and are interested to see how it will turn out. If you're wondering why didn't they implemented multiplayer in Subnautica in the first place, the developer said that the game was originally built as a small single player game and it would be a ton of work to change the core systems just to implement multiplayer.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment In-game screenshot of the ocean surface. Subnautica - Surface view

If you're looking to dive in solo or with your friends, Subnautica is still free at Epic Store and while we're at it, players have been turning to Steam's forums for help with Epic Store version issues. When Epic announced their own publishing platform they also confirmed that in order to keep the toxicity away their store will not feature forums. 

Lack of support on Epic's store took players to the competition where they their issues with the Epic Launcher while others asked about the launcher's save location. The developers were actually nice and offered a solution, but some people showed exactly why Epic is reluctant to add forums to their store.

Still, we think that the Epic Store will need at least some sort of discussion system where players can search for help without having to submit a ticket.

For more Subnautica content you can check out our of the game, and the download link for Nitrox mod can be found on NexusMods .

Subnautica: Below Zero by Unknown Worlds Entertainment

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