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Mobile free game of the week - Triple Town, oldie but goldie

Published: 17:16, 07 May 2018
Spry Fox
Puzzle game Triple Town in two different display modes
Triple Town

Stickler for free games? Yet looking for quality? We've got your cheap behind covered as we start running through the immense library of free mobile games to see whether they're worth your time. Maybe you even pay for them, right? Right.

Proudly starting off our new feature Mobile Freeware Game of the Week is Triple Town, a puzzle game coming from SpryFox, a company already famous for delightfully cute yet challenging games.

Spry Fox Developer's message from the game Triple Town by Spry Fox Triple Town

Triple Town is no exception and the game went a long way since its launch back in 2010, expanding to various gaming platforms and surely a candidate for one of the best puzzles around.

We're talking about a puzzle game, so leave your quick reflexes at home - you will need patience, clever thinking and planning. Or you can dig yourself into a hole, blame the game and banks, get depressed over what kind of person you've become and then go eat or something, because you're out of your damn mind

Spry Fox Comparison of game screens in Spry Fox' Triple Town Triple Town

The game is played on a 6x6 grid where three identical vertically or horizontally adjacent items combine into a single, higher tier item. The move frees up more space, which you use to make even higher tier items.

It sounds easy and initially it is - but the game gets progressively more difficult when gunning for higher tier items. Below you'll see the progression of in-game items.

Spry Fox Instructions for the game Triple Town by Spry Fox Triple Town

The plate looking thing in the top left corner is a slot for a spare item. If at any moment you get a higher tier item, you can keep it there until the time is right. Trust me, it doesn't sound nearly as important as it is.

There's also the issue of bears, whose presence on a tile prevents you from placing items there. However, they're not just a distraction gimmick - managing them is part of the game. Trapping a bear yields a tombstone. Three tombstones make a church; three churches a cathedral and so on.

Bear management is a puzzle in a puzzle, lending the game an extra dimension with some unpredictability. Ignoring the bears quickly clutters up the board, as you can see.

Spry Fox Image of Triple Town puzzle game with bears on several tiles Triple Town: Bear management

Once you've learned your way around bears, Spry Fox will throw you another curveball - ninja bears. They're basically jumping bears, who can't be trapped unless you get the death droid item - then you can just kill it in place.

Now, Triple Town may be old, but its core gameplay is captivating, making the game seem like infinitely replayable. Seriously, you can't even get mad when you get lose, because the game radiates joy and serenity at the same time. Also, the little demanding dudes are just too cute.

The game works on moves, where each new player initially gets a bunch of free moves and after that 150 moves every 2 hours. Maybe if I persisted in playing 24 hours I'd go through them? Too bad, I think I have a life. Just kidding, I probably played 10 hours.

Spry Fox Purchase menu from the game Triple Town by Spry Fox Triple Town

I was so focused on the game I didn't even notice you can use coins to purchase particular items to drop on the grid. Helpful? Perhaps. But we chose to be ultra cheap.

It's a fun game that doesn't make you check up on it to maximise your gain. The "gain" is pretty subjective and beating your own records feels seriously rewarding.

Spry Fox Comparison of in-game character requests in the game Triple Town Triple Town - Oh the fickle masses

It appears Triple Town runs out of moves at what seems to be the most addictive junction in the game. You can either buy unlimited moves for cash or wait 2 hours to get 150 free moves, both of which viable, even though we leaned towards the latter, for the sake of this piece.

Fortunately, at the end of the game, which is basically when you fill out the grid and have no further moves to make, you will receive an amount of coins equal to the points you racked up plus the total worth of the items/structures on the grid.

Spry Fox Comparison of game screens in Spry Fox' Triple Town Triple Town

Unfortunately, I somewhat sucked the first few games so it didn't really yield me a fortune in coins. There's always room for improvement and the game is still captivating, though. This one's a keeper folks.

I've not much to say about the interface, which in itself means it is perfect. You never really leave the playing screen, even when going through menus - the grid is ever present. Even though it's freemium, you won't be getting ads or nag screens either, another plus.

Spry Fox Options menu from the game Triple Town by Spry Fox Triple Town

The coin problem? What coin problem? After a while, you'll be getting enough free coins and coupled with your newfound skill - you won't have to worry about them.

Spry Fox In-game screenshots from the puzzle game Triple town Triple Town

Replayability is awesome, even if it is the area where puzzle games excel. However, the game is such a cute little polished package that it never feels tedious for a moment. In fact, I think a week is the most I've gone without firing up Triple Town.

In conclusion, not only is the game free - it's safe to say it's already a classic. If puzzle games are even remotely your thing and you haven't taken Triple Town out for a spin - do yourself a favour and go try it out.

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