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Pokemon GO developer settles with hackers for $5 million

Published: 05:15, 19 January 2021
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Niantic Labs, the studio behind the globally popular Pokemon GO, has won the case against hacking group Global++, netting themselves $5 million in the process.

The company filed the lawsuit back in 2019, where they accused Global++ of selling modded and hacked copies of Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. 

Of course, there were no aimbots here - cheaters simply had a way of circumventing the requirements for walking and finding creatures.

Niantic argued that Global++ has used original code without permission, provided users with means to gain unfair advantage and has been profiting off of hundreds of thousands subscriptions. 

Global++, i.e. Ryan Hunt, Matthew Johnson and Alen Hunder admitted to most of the charges and ultimately resolved the dispute by settlement, albeit a pricey one. According to the settlement, the three will pay Niantic $5 million,

Pokemon GO developer also demanded that Global++ stops sales and production of cheats for Niantic's products, as well as never interfere with Niantic's servers again, which was agreed upon as part of the settlement. 

Now, we're not sure how much Global++ made in their years of operation, but it's safe to assume it's a lot - as long as there are rules, there will be cheaters. Being the person providing the cheats, however, is fast becoming a really dangerous profession. 

Niantic Pokemon GO - January 2021 Community Day featured Pokemon - Machop Pokemon GO - January 2021 Community Day featured Pokemon - Machop

Profitability of the gaming industry is also its biggest driver, which is why bigger publishers and developers like Activision, Take-Two and Riot Games increasingly go for cheat making companies - it's the cheapest way to stop the menace. That said, as long as there are rules, there will be cheaters, it seems. 

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