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Play Minecraft's original version straight from your browser

Published: 12:38, 08 May 2019
A huge Mario statue build in Minecraft, complete with his red and blue plumber suit.

In celebration of the upcoming anniversary of one of the most popular games on the planet, Minecraft, Mojang decided to make the game's legacy version from 2009 playable through browsers, together with all the original quirks and bugs.

It's been quite the road for Mojang and Minecraft since the game's first forum-launch back on 17 May 2009

Of course, there were plenty of updates by its official launch date in 2011, but those do not concern you as the browser version of Minecraft is limited to a basic interface and 32 blocks.

Mojang wrote, "Play the original and wonder how it ever got so popular. Creative mode only, no enemies or mobs, all of the original beloved bugs and just 32 blocks to work with (and the majority of them are dyed wool). What incredible creations will you craft?"

Interestingly, one person who Microsoft won't be inviting to Minecraft's anniversary celebrations is its creator, Markus 'Notch' Persson. this is due to Persson's controversial opinions that reflect neither those of the company or Minecraft.

In fact, earlier this year, all the splash-screen references to Persson were from Minecraft, and his name is only visible in the credits list.

Now, Microsoft acquired Mojang and Minecraft back in 2014 for a fee of $2.5 billion, so from a business side - it makes perfect sense to ensure that a family oriented game like Minecraft isn't harmed by its maker's comments. And we admit they can get pretty wild.

From the human side of things, however, the decision is questionable, to say the least. I mean, are we to pretend he's dead or something? Oh well.

Mojang A preview of Minecraft's Aquatic update phase two Minecraft

Minecraft's dev team has much more in store than just Minecraft Classic and they said they'll have something special for their players on 17 May 2019.

"What could they be? Huggable Creepers? A new type of coarse dirt block? Even better. Come back to this page on May 17 2019 for some big news we can’t wait to share with you!"

You can find Minecraft Classic .

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