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Microsoft reportedly launching disc-less Xbox One S, 'Maverick'

Published: 10:04, 06 March 2019
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Xbox One

Rumour has it that Microsoft are ready to test the disc-free waters as they're apparently launching a disc-less Xbox One S codenamed Maverick. Preorders are expected in April, although it isn't expected on the shelves before May 2019.

Not that Maverick consoles will have anything to do with shelves, since not featuring a Blu-ray means they'll be depending solely on digital downloads.

At the same time, it is likely to knock the price down and make Microsoft's offering even more attractive.

Of course, this means that Maverick owners will be tied to the company's Xbox Game Pass service, but at a time when many users have already made the switch and went full digital, this could easily turn into a sweet deal.

Removing the disc drive would additionally free up quite a bit of precious space, which could mean we'll see a smaller footprint as well, although that's pure speculation at the moment.

There's also talk of an exclusive Fortnite Edition console in the pipes and while there's no word on the actual model, we thought it would've made sense to make it a Maverick, i.e. all digital.

That too is speculation though, as Microsoft have been keeping everything under tight wraps. Well, pretty tight wraps.

Generally speaking, Maverick would slot in seamlessly into what seems to be Microsoft's general plan with Xbox Game Pass subscription service and Project xCloud streaming.

It could, in fact, serve as a stepping stone towards the latter, which is slowly but surely becoming a more and more viable method of enjoying games, depending on just how good a connection you can get where you come from. 

A new SKU would make sense in terms of competing with Sony as well, who are already squeezing the out of PS4, albeit quite successfully for its sixth year on the market. 

AltChar Collage of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Once again, if the rumour is true, we should see the new Microsoft console available for preorder mid-April, with actual availability sometime in May 2019, so we guess we'll know soon enough.

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