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Nintendo Switch sales set to surpass PlayStation 4 in Japan

Published: 12:16, 04 September 2018
Updated: 10:47, 02 October 2019
A docked Nintendo Switch and a Joy-Con Grip with two Joy-Con controllers inside
Nintendo Switch

According to latest reports, Nintendo Switch is outselling PlayStation 4 and is nearing the total units sold by the latter which had a three year lead. Nintendo has sold about five million units of Switch in Japan, while PS4 stands at seven

Japan is the origin of both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 which normally means both consoles are selling like crazy in the country. That is indeed the case, but while PlayStation 4 has been the king for many years, it seems that Switch is about to overtake them in total sales soon.

According to a report on , a total of 4.966 million units of Nintendo Switch have been sold in Japan as the console is riding a successful wave of 199.000 units sold in a single month. To paint a picture of Switch sales' blinding speed, you just have to visualise that PlayStation 4 sold "only" 86.000 units in the same month.

Sony still holds the record for biggest number of consoles sold lately though, as PlayStation 4 has sold a total of 6.979 million units. On the hand, that's largely thanks to a three-year lead they had on Nintendo Switch, as PlayStation 4 released in 2014, while Switch came in 2017.

In other words, Switch sold around 2.5 million units on average, per year, which is a number that is bound to keep going up as the current year is not over yet. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 is currently standing at roughly 1.4 million units sold per year on average. The sales discrepancy is apparent immediately. That said, Nintendo Switch is still nowhere near PlayStation 4's popularity when you calculate the rest of the world in. 

AltChar Collage of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch PS4, Xbox One, Switch

For example, PlayStation 4 has a larger online player base than Nintendo Switch and Xbox One combined, which is information that surfaced during the Fortnite cross play controversy. Japan-wide sales might still give Sony something to think about though and revise their cross-play plans in the future.

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