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AMD's Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU rumoured for PS5 and next Xbox

Published: 13:03, 19 January 2019
Updated: 10:46, 02 October 2019
picture showing cpu chip
Xbox Scorpio

AMD's Gonzalo Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU could power both Sony's and Microsoft's next-gen consoles. Zen 2 chip will have eight physical cores and will feature Navi 10 GPU according to codename number leak shared by Twitter user Apisak.

AMD are looking to continue its console domination with Gonzalo Zen 2 chip and their new GPU architecture Navi which may feature in next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The info comes from the known leaker in silicon world, Apisak, who shared a photo on Twitter which shows a codename for yet unannounced AMD chip.

The hardware is of course based on AMD's cutting edge 7nm technology which was revealed on CES 2019 with Radeon VII graphics card and Ryzen 3000 series. AMD Gonzalo APU (accelerated processing unit, CPU and GPU combo) will apparently feature eight physical cores which are clocked from 1GHz to 3.2GHz while the GPU chip is reserved for Navi 10 Lite.

For comparison reasons, AMD's Jaguar CPU which is used in current gen consoles also features eight cores, while the GPU is built into APU as well. Unfortunately, the leak didn't offer enough information for head to head comparison so anything else said about the APU would be just pure speculation. But it's possible that Sony and Microsoft reveal their new consoles on E3 2019, and AMD presents the long-awaited Navi graphics architecture.

Apisak's leak just confirms some previous info which also suggested that both Sony and Microsoft will continue their partnership with AMD for the next-gen consoles. New Xbox info leaked back in December 2018, claiming that "Xbox Scarlett" is the current codename for Microsoft's next-gen console. The leak also suggested that AMD's Zen 2 and Navi chips will power the console for 4K 60FPS gaming.

Twitter picture showing codenames Apisak's leak

Another leak that surfaced in December 2019 revealed two additional codenames for Xbox console - Anaconda and Lockhart. According to Windows Central, Anaconda would be the powerful "X" part while Lockhart is replacing Xbox One. The leaks also suggested that Microsoft are planning to release disc-less console but again, this is all speculation at the moment.

For more AMD news, you can check the info on AMD's new 7nm CPUs and GPUs from .

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