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Microsoft announce Xbox One S All-Digital, rumours were spot on

Published: 10:50, 17 April 2019
Xbox One S All-Digital console
Xbox One S All-Digital

Microsoft's hectic response to Sony's PlayStation 5 info had us thinking that Microsoft may hold off the launch of Xbox One S All-Digital for E3, but that obviously wasn't the company's plan, which means that the leaks were spot on.

Microsoft even threw in a trailer that's "inspired by a true story, with a few minor embellishments and other completely fabricated scenes", which is pretty funny and true at the same time.

Xbox One S All-Digital doesn't come with any bells or whistles - it's just the S without a disc drive, conveniently priced at $249.

That is $50 less right out of the gate, and Microsoft promises that this price difference will be maintained "going forward", which means All-Digital is part of their repertoire now.

There's also the added value of the console coming with three games preinstalled, and those are Rare's swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves, Mojang's block-city Minecraft and Playground Games' racer Forza Horizon 3.

Mind you, this is not the last Forza Horizon game, but rather its predecessor. That said, FH3's quality has turned it into a benchmark for Forza Horizon games, so it's definitely a good way to get into the franchise if you haven't done so already. 

Coincidentally or not, Minecraft's first public release was just a month short of 10 years ago, 17 May 2009 to be exact, so Xbox One S All-Digital isn't a bad way to mark it. 

Xbox One S All-Digital also comes with a special offer for Microsoft's Game Pass and while we're on the subject of Game Pass, you should know it is getting bundled with Xbox Live Gold and will set you back $14.99 monthly.

The earlier leak from a has proven to be right on the money with the date as well, and Microsoft's new console launches on 07 May 2019.

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You can learn more about Xbox One S All-Digital on the official Xbox website , or learn more about the changes coming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .

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