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Microsoft 'fire back' at Sony with Xbox E3 press conference date

Published: 16:02, 16 April 2019
Original Xbox Logo
Original Xbox Logo

Well, we guess some rivalries never die, right? Sony's announcement of PlayStation 5 details seems to have left Microsoft feeling a bit unloved, so they had to steal some of their competitor's 'thunder' and post an E3 announcement.

"Hub's up, briefing's set, and E3 is officially on the way", the company tweeted, adding that their press conference starts on 09 June 2019, at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.

We can't say the announcement beats Sony's , as the latter confirmed the console will run on eight cores worth of AMD's 7nm Zen 2 technology and more, but on the other hand - it's not like Sony will have much to show this year. 

After all, the PlayStation maker has cancelled their participation in E3 shows, arguing that the expo has grown into a trade show that has , and whose timing isn't quite in line with how the company has been going about its business these past years.

In contrast, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft's E3 appearance will be , which hopefully means they'll have some novelties to show.

The first suspect is, of course, the , which has recently been leaked by a European retailer. 

According to the leaked launch date, Xbox One S All Digital launches in Europe on 07 May 2019, priced at €229.99, but it seems more likely that Microsoft will hold off the launch for E3. 

Considering that Microsoft's CEO announced plans to expand the , many fans are expecting the announcement to be made at E3. For what it's worth, the company has been peculiarly silent on the issue as of late, and it's likely that their E3 appearance will have more information on this. Leaked image of Xbox One S, All Digital edition, front Xbox One S, All Digital, games

By now it's certain we won't be seeing next-gen consoles in 2019, but it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will try to match Sony and share some info on their next-gen offering.

You can find all the information on Microsoft's E3 appearance


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