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Microsoft have at least one more acquisition to announce

Published: 08:34, 12 October 2020
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It looks like another studio could be joining Xbox Game Studios very soon. According to the latest rumours, Microsoft have at least one more acquisition to announce.

Earlier this year, Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax and Bethesda rocked the gaming world but it looks like the American tech giant are not quite done with acquisitions just yet. Rumours about other acquisitions have been floating around the internet for quite some time.

Some suggest that SEGA is the next publisher that will be joining the Xbox Game Studios but we doubt this is the case since there are no solid sources to confirm these claims. Other reports state that Layers of Fear and The Medium developer Bloober Team are the ideal candidate while Dontnod, the creators of Xbox exclusive Tell Me Why are also frequently mentioned in these rumours.

And according to Tom Warren of The Verge and XboxEra Podcast host Shpeshal Ed, Microsoft have at least one more acquisition to announce in the future. "It feels like they are gonna announce another one [acquisition] soon, that's just the impression I get," Warren said in the podcast (starts at 29:10 mark).

Shpeshal Ed added that he heard of at least one more acquisition. "I did get told there's definitely at least one more but didn't get told who it is," he explained.

Lately, rumours about Bungie acquisition picked up the pace but CEO of Bungie, Pete Parsons has shut down these rumours a couple of times now . However, it would not be surprising if Bungie and Microsoft teamed up once again.

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All in all, it remains to be seen what exactly Microsoft have in plans but it's safe to say this is becoming quite a year for Xbox fans and Game Pass owners who get to play all these first-party exclusives day one.

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