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Michael Jordan is NBA2K23 cover athlete, the game returns Jordan Challenge

Published: 19:41, 05 July 2022
NBA 2K23 - Michael Jordan
NBA 2K23 - Michael Jordan

2K announced that one of the greatest players to enter the court will be the cover athlete for NBA 2K23 and his Challenge will return.

Michael Jordan, the poster child of the golden era of Chicago Bulls, is the next NBA 2K cover athlete. Among Jordan's accomplishments are 14 NBA All-Star appearances, five NBA MVP titles, six NBA World Championships and a place in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

His iconic jersey number, 23, was a perfect match for NBA 2K23 and the company behind it didn't pass up the opportunity. Jordan will be featured on both the covers of NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition and NBA 2K23 Championship Edition.

While the man will be featured on covers of two different editions, some fans might be more interested in another thing Jordan's name is tied to - the Jordan Challenge. NBA 2K23 will reintroduce it, allowing the players to recreate 15 iconic moments from Jordan's career. The original 10 challenges from NBA 2K11 have been rebuilt while the remaining five will be new additions to the Challenge.

On top of that, Jordan Challenge includes video vignettes with commentary from Jordan's teammates, opponents and other NBA personalities who witnessed these moments live, which should give a better perspective of what it was like to see the magic happen in the moment.

NBA 2K23 is coming on September 9, 2022, just over two months from announcing the cover athlete.

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