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Monster Hunter: World patch adds mouse control, breaks the game

Published: 20:37, 20 September 2018
Monster Hunter: World character fighting a dragon
Monster Hunter: World

It appears that the sorry state of Monster Hunter: World's PC version is being compensated for by pure dedication of the game's fans and Capcom's latest patch that added proper mouse controls managed to break the game for some users.

Monster Hunter: World's latest patch has finally done away with the gamepad stick-oriented camera controls, bringing it "in line with the control standards for most PC games." Updating the game to revision number 153524 lets users select different control schemes and adjust camera control sensitivity.

Unfortunately, the same patch rendered Monster Hunter: World unplayable as the game keeps crashing while booting up, with players blaming everyone and everything from Denuvo to Capcom. The company are apparently looking into this but until then, go and set your PC's performance plan to high performance, because this seems to do the trick for most players.

That being said, Capcom are yet to properly implement textures, which seem hell-bent on displaying in low-res, despite high-res ones being available. Considering the current quality of Monster Hunter: World's PC build, it'll be a while until we see official ultrawide display support and don't even get me started on HDR. The jury's still out on wild day-to-day performance swings, for which most players blame Denuvo.

Most of Capcom's fumbles have some sort of workarounds though, even if the company made it incredibly difficult to apply them. Kaldaien, the man behind Special K mods, the same man who called Capcom for Monster Hunter: World's anti-mod mechanisms, has given up and left to work on other games, with the following message:

"I am moving on to Shenmue I and II, I hope for your sake that Capcom eventually removes their unstable anti-debug code. I doubt they will, but it would earn some good will and set them apart from the other noteworthy developer (Square Enix) who is also selling you unstable software with poorly implemented code to prevent modification."

Capcom Three characters with large weaponry standing on a cliff Monster Hunter: World

You can find Monster Hunter: World's texture fix , but its author, MHVuze, insists that it's more of a band-aid until Capcom get their act straight. Kaldaien's HDR-fixing Special K can be found , although you'd do well to read the comments and check whether it's still applicable after Capcom's latest patch(work).

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