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Monster Hunter: World PC finally gets ultrawide display support

Published: 09:07, 22 January 2019
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Ultrawide display owners rejoice - Capcom have finally decided to show some love to PC players by adding 21:9 support to Monster Hunter: World's Steam edition, along with push-to-talk voice chat option and vignette effect control.

Unfortunately, there's a caveat as Capcom wrote that even though "most cutscenes support ultrawide", some Monster Hunter: World cutscenes apparently do not. The company also included a UI adjustment feature, so that players can position their UIs the way they see fit.

The second feature of Capcom's new update are vignette effects, which can now be set to high, normal or off. Monster Hunter: World's PC version previously supported only on or off and the company actually advises setting them to high when in ultrawide mode, as it "can help reduce simulation sickness".

Players who rely on voice comms can rest easy now, as Monster Hunter: World's update added the long-awaited push-to-talk feature. This one is pretty self-explanatory and you'll find volume and keybinding settings in the options menu.

The remainder of Monster Hunter: World's Steam update is mostly reserved for language support, such as the newly added support for simplified Chinese, as well as a bunch of translations. Note that the some of armour parts and sets have been renamed and/or adapted in traditional Chinese, Arabic and a few others, details of which can be found .

Capcom also threw in fixes for a plethora of bugs plaguing Monster Hunter: World's items in combat, including the likes of the hunting horn, charge blade and more. The bugs are too many to list and you can review them .

Ultimately though, even though we're confident many a Monster Hunter: World player will breathe a sigh of relief over ultrawide support and push-to-talk, it's a bit difficult to get excited over them after a wait of almost six months.

Many have found alternate solutions to these issues, no thanks to Capcom, and the modder who ended up picking up their slack called them a in the meantime.

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You can find Monster Hunter: World patch notes .

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