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Monster Hunter: World gets high-resolution texture pack DLC on PC

Published: 12:38, 21 March 2019
Armoured soldier graphics comparison in Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World, High Resolution Texture Pack DLC

Capcom's latest update to Monster Hunter: World is definitely a hefty one, although it's not because it comes packed with gameplay improvements. This update is mostly about eye-candy and it's called High Resolution Texture Pack DLC.

For starters, you might want to make you've got 40GB of disk space to spare, which is exactly how much the High Resolution Texture Pack DLC weighs.

Monster Hunter: World players will also need 8GB of VRAM on their graphics cards in order to put the high-res textures to use, although Capcom still didn't provide the requirements.

"We will provide more detailed information on the system requirements after the update", they wrote, which is pretty strange considering that people are likely to want to know whether their rigs qualify before downloading the update. 

Nevertheless, if you're dead set on making Monster Hunter: World a prettier experience, you can do so. We suspect that those with will be the first to pounce on the opportunity.

As for the rest of the update, Monster Hunter: World will now offer a TAA+FXAA option in the anti-aliasing section of the Advanced Graphics Settings.

Choosing 'Take All' at the post-quest rewards screens will now display a list of items, and mouse movement should be smoother when controlling the Focus Camera.

The last notable change coming with the upcoming update to Monster Hunter: World is the 'Friends can Join' option in the Private Session Settings. The remainder of the update is reserved for bug fixes and localisation-related issues.

Monster Hunter: World is getting the High Resolution Texture Pack DLC as a free download on Steam on 04 April 2019, more precisely at 00:00 am UTC. 

One day later Steam edition of Monster Hunter: World is getting a visit from an Arch-tempered Xeno'jiiva, so if your hardware and connection allow it, you might make it just in time to witness the beast in all its glory.

Capcom Xeno'jiiva, monster from Monster Hunter: World Monster Hunter: World, Xeno'jiiva

You can find the High Resolution Texture Pack DLC patch notes , or check out more info on Xeno'jiiva's visit .

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