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Mega Evolution update goes live in some Pokemon Go regions

Published: 01:49, 27 April 2022
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Pokemon GO - Festival of Lights, second part detailed

Niantic announced that the update to Mega Evolutions has arrived to some regions while the rest of the Pokemon Go fans will be able to get it soon enough.

Mega Evolutions have been present in Pokemon Go for about two years now, allowing trainers to get the most powerful versions of their Pokemon, should they get the temporary transformation. Now, the devs have pushed an update to the feature that is live in Australia and New Zealand but it will be available globally soon.

Anyway, Mega Evolution will now be easier than before due to several reasons, mostly revolving around the changes to the Mega Raid and the evolution itself.

Mega Raids should prove to be easier in general and players will not need as many people to take them on now. Players can Mega Evolve their Pokemon from the raid or battle prep UI.

Additionally, the devs introduced Mega Levels, which will bring bonuses with them. Technically, some bonuses already existed but both old and new will become stronger as the Mega Levels go up now.

Some examples include increased chances of earning Candy XL for Pokemon that are the same type as the player's Mega-Evolved Pokemon. Other bonuses include additional XP for catching Pokemon of the same type and a reduced rest period for the chosen Pokemon.

Finally, there is the change that allows you to Mega-Evolve a Pokemon repeatedly, using Mega Energy. After a transformation, the Pokemon will be exhausted and get a cooldown on the Mega Evolution. Mega Energy will be used to lower this time gate and the higher the Mega Level, the lower the cost will be.

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