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Marvel's Avengers to overhaul rewards system by the end of the year

Published: 01:06, 16 September 2021
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screenshot from Marvel's Avengers showing captain america, iron man and black widow
Marvel's Avengers

Avengers probably had one of the roughest releases of 2020 and the developers are still trying to fix it, one year later.

Crystal Dynamics are still struggling to make Marvel's Avengers into an experience that could draw players in but it remains to be seen if their efforts will be in vain. Considering that an entire year has passed since the game's release, it's safe to assume numerous fans have lost their interest by now.

That is not stopping the developers from trying though as they are still trucking on with updates, roadmaps  and more. In this case, more refers to an oddly announced promise of things to come by the end of 2021.

The game's official Twitter account just revealed that there will be better gear upgrading, more rewards and more focus on the late game in an oddly structured tweet that sounded like a casual post on the platform.

Apparently, these systems are being worked on as a result of listening to player feedback and it should be implemented in the next three and a half months. The deadline is really about three months since the holiday season will probably see everyone taking a break.

Marvel's Avengers is still managing to retain a fraction of the players that initially tried the game out but the real challenge will be pulling back those who gave up a while ago.

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