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Tony Hawk remasters outsold Marvel's Avengers so far

Published: 11:12, 24 October 2020
Square Enix
Marvel's Avengers team fight
Marvel's Avengers

Nostalgia and well-executed remasters turned out to be better selling points than a buggy looter empowered by MCU's popularity over the recent decade.

SuperData published another report on worldwide digital sales market where many things became apparent. For example, Marvel's Avengers earned a pretty penny after selling 2.2 million copies digitally but considering it was the debut month for the game, the number is coming up somewhat short.

During September 2020, it was outperformed by two games on consoles - NBA 2K21 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2. The latter is actually a nostalgia-driven remaster but that is not all there is to the game since it was received extremely well by both critics and players, testifying to the great work done by Vicarious Visions.

Meanwhile, even Crystal Dynamics acknowledged that Avengers had a rocky launch and that has translated into sales that couldn't beat out the main competitors as Pro Skater sold 2.8 million units.

NBA 2K21's revenue is a bit different. Despite selling less than both of the aforementioned games, it has earned more and topped the chart for consoles. With 1.9 million copies sold digitally, one would think it flopped compared to the other two games but the in-game recurring revenue made the game outperform the competitors.

Compared to the previous instalment, 2K21 is a success in both copies sold, which saw a 19 per cent growth, and microtransaction revenue in the launch month with 8 per cent increase. NBA 2K21 topped the revenue chart on consoles for the month.

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