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Square Enix apparently lost almost $63 million on Marvel's Avengers

Published: 00:10, 07 November 2020
Square Enix
screenshot from Marvel's Avengers showing captain america, iron man and black widow
Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix had a rough launch with Marvel's Avengers but no one really had the right idea by how much until the recent financial call where they reported a massive loss.

Marvel's Avengers was off to a bad start for several reasons - odd gear grinding system, poor optimisation and being obviously held back by the "monetisation first, everything else later" approach. Many reviewers saw the game attempting top copy the model of modern looter shooters such as Destiny 2 but failing to capture enough audience in the long-term to make such models work.

Even the Steam concurrent player numbers  weren't looking any brighter since the game barely averages under one thousand concurrent players these days, which is obviously abysmal for a project of this scope. 

Those were all ominous portents but we didn't quite have an idea how much negative impact the game had on the companies involved. The latest Square Enix report shed some light as the company stated it had 6.5 billion Yen loss for HD Games. It was implied the main culprit is Marvel's Avengers but the exact number of copies sold was not revealed yet.

However, the company did report the sales volume is only 60 per cent of the plan which is bad enough on its own. David Gibson of Astris Advisory mentioned this could mean the game cost was over $100 million but sold only about three million copies. Those numbers still spell profit but nowhere near of that which was expected.

Considering the game lost over 97 per cent of the player base on Steam within three months, it is hard to find any saving grace between the lines.

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