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Kate Bishop trailer heralds her arrival to Marvel's Avengers

Published: 04:14, 21 November 2020
Crystal Dynamics
Marvel's Avengers - Kate Bishop
Marvel's Avengers - Kate Bishop

Crystal Dynamics announced Kate Bishop and the new villain for Marvel's Avengers in a free update but it remains to be seen if this will bring the players back.

Marvel's Avengers had a rough start as the game turned out to be a technical mess and fairly devoid of substance, courtesy of going down the looter brawler road. Destiny 2 is still somehow managing to pull this off as a live service and that's about it, one would think execs would take a hint by now but that is not the case.

While the cash cow details get sorted for the Avengers, the developers are shovelling out new content. The upcoming update will bring along Kate Bishop, once Hawkeye's protege, who is searching for his mentor.

The trailer offers some interesting plot points which we will need to work out on our own through the campaign but the fact Hawkeye surrendered himself to be a prisoner in a different timeline sounds enticing enough to kick it off.

Kate will be a ranged fighter, capable of dishing out single target or AoE damage and crowd control, depending on which type of arrows she pulls out. When the time comes for close-quarters combat, she will unsheath her trusty katana. The playstyle equivalent of the cherry on top is her ability to teleport around the battlefield so she will be able to manipulate the distance at which she engages the enemies.

Super Adaptoid will be the big baddie in this update, an android that is copying the Avengers' abilities, and will be an Omega-level threat. Players will not be able to engage him alone and will require a team to take the green machine down.

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