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Manifold Garden shaping up at last

Published: 10:18, 22 May 2017
William Chyr
Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is entering the last stages of development, almost 5 years after its inception. The game's sole developer William Chyr has now announced that beta testing will commence soon with a full release announcement coming shortly after.

Manifold Garden is a physics bending first-person indie exploration game and has been in development for close to five years now. We talked about it a little bit, and it looks like a 2017 release is more than likely.

Today, the game's lone developer William Chyr has revealed some of the most recent work done on the title. He also announced regular monthly development updates and an incoming beta test.

Manifold Garden Manifold Garden

The most recent additions to the game are a new shrinking and enlarging mechanic which should allow the player to experience the world as a singular recursive place.

"I've added a mechanic that I’ve had planned for about 3 years. You can now shrink down into smaller worlds within the game. Originally, this was to address the problem of players needing to find their way back to earlier worlds. It acts as a fast travel system, but also demonstrates that the universe in the game is recursive and made up of smaller versions of itself", Chyr wrote.

Chyr Manifold Garden Manifold Garden

Improvements have been made to the way that Manifold Garden handles water and portals, along with more subtle graphical updates.

It looks like will be seeing a 2017 release, and should be available for and PlayStation 4.

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