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MachineGames have an unannounced game in the works

Published: 09:19, 24 September 2021
Updated: 09:21, 24 September 2021
Machine Games
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Developers of the modern Wolfenstein series, MachineGames, are reportedly working on an unannounced title apart from the announced Indiana Jones game.

According to LinkedIn, MachineGames are a studio with roughly 140 developers. We already know that the team are working on an Indiana Jones title, which has been announced last year, shortly after the Xbox and Bethesda acquisition news.

Now, is it possible that the medium-sized studio work on two big games simultaneously? Probably yes but since we don't have any information about how MachineGames' develop their games everything we say here would be just speculation.

This unannounced game, which existence has been mentioned on MachineGames' Teemu Kivikangas' LinkedIn profile , could be anything really. It's entirely possible that this is a smaller project but at the same time, Wolfenstein III also comes to mind as a possibility. 

Some rumours suggested that MachineGames could have a brand new Wolfenstein game in the works but this is yet to be corroborated by reliable sources so take it with a grain of salt. 

Bethesda Indiana Jones by Machine Games MachineGames already work on Indiana Jones

Our take: If MachineGames are indeed working on another game, then this project could probably be coming before the Indiana Jones game. It's probably closer to being released since we know Indiana Jones is very early in development and rumoured for the 2024/2025 release date. 

Of course, this is all speculation so certainly don't take it as a confirmation until we get official info from MachineGames, Bethesda or Xbox.

Thanks, oppattack.

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