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Macedon joins Civilization VI

Published: 11:46, 23 March 2017
Updated: 11:47, 23 March 2017
Macedon - Basilikoi Paides

As part of the upcoming DLC, Macedon is joining Persia as the second of the two new civs. With a heavy emphasis on advancement through conquest and two unique military units, Alexander the Great is the AI neighbour you don't want - but great to play yourself.

Alexander the Great is putting on his custom-made war boots to lead Macedon in Civilization VI.

Bringing the unique leader ability "To The World's End" - which reduces war weariness in his civ - the famous historical expansionist is built for war.

The basic swordsman is replaced by the Hypaspist. Historically used to guard the flanks of the more well known Hoplites, these units have a combat bonus when besieging a city's districts and also a support bonus.

2K Macedon - Hypaspists Macedon - Hypaspists

As if that is not enough, Macedon also gets the Hetairoi as a replacement for the Horseman. These units come with a free promotion. Yes, we know. OP much? However maybe the promised balance changes will address this somewhat. Otherwise the world will rapidly become Macedon, and Macedon the world.

2K Macedon - Hetairoi Macedon - Hetairoi

Macedon's unique structure is the Basilikoi Paides, which gives a science boost when military units are trained with extra bonuses for certain combat units. 

2K Macedon - Basilikoi Paides Macedon - Basilikoi Paides

Continuing the militaristic theme, Macedon's unique ability is Hellenistic Fusion - each time a city is conquered, Macedon receives a bonus based on the kind of districts that are within the vanquished metropolis.

Interestingly, Macedon was Macedonia in the game files dug out in the past months by those of an inquisitive nature - however 2K have clearly made the decision to avoid any contemporary political controversy with any enraged Greek players by using the more historically accurate name.

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