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Civ VI getting new mode and more game-prep control in August update

Published: 08:24, 19 August 2020
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Civilization VI Rise & Fall Ikanda Zulu Unique District

Civilization VI is heading for a pretty tasty August update and it adds more control over wonders in the game-prep phase and a somewhat chaotic new mode.

We're talking about a free update, of course, and while Firaxis didn't provide the exact date, they've given a pretty detailed overview of the main features coming to Civilization VI. 

The first change has to do with wonders, whose numbers got a hefty boost in the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. As you'd expect, not every wonder is to everyone's liking, and this is particularly true in multiplayer, where participants are gunning for a more controlled experience. 

So, Civ VI players will be getting a higher level of control in the game setup phase. You won't be able to tailor which ones appear where, but you will be able to control how many and which wonders you want to have on the map via a nifty list. Also, you should know that the list won't affect the WorldBuilder maps.

As for the new Civilization VI mode, chaotic was probably not the right word, as the Tech & Civic Shuffle Mode is more along the lines of reactive gameplay. The mode hides and randomises techs and civics and perhaps more importantly - it randomises prerequisites and costs thereof. 

Note that the mode is available to all Civ VI owners regardless of whether they have the latest expansions. In other words, if you've picked it up in Epic's giveaway - you get access.

Firaxis Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass content roadmap Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass content roadmap

Like the devs pointed out in the video, not knowing which tech and civic is next makes it a bit easier to play, because you don't have to plan ahead as much. That said, the fact that you can't plan ahead as much is a difficulty of its own, as it forces Civ VI players to be a bit quicker on their feet than usual.

There will be more minor changes along with the update, but more on that when we get the fixed launch date. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - all the new leaders

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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