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Lost Ark roadmap shares details of planned future content

Published: 20:51, 16 January 2019
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Lost Ark

Content updates for MMORPG Lost Ark have started with a free storage increase while the new continent update will go live later this month. The developer Smilegate also confirmed the new guild system and battlegrounds for skill practice.

Smilegate have revealed a content roadmap for their MMORPG Lost Ark. Three major additions will be part of the first batch of fresh content which is coming in 2019. The first update, which is live right now, brings free improvements to player storage which will now have an additional 100 slots for materials and affinity gift items.

Along with that, Avatar storage has also been updated with 100 new slots so players can have additional space for their hard-earned costumes. 

Storage improvements are probably the smallest addition when compared to the other two updates which are coming soon. The second update is scheduled for 30 January 2019 and it's bringing the new continent of Rohendel to the game. Rohendel is described as "big" and "magical" and will include a brand new race. The new continent will also bring a ton of new quests and events for players to complete.

The third update - which still doesn't have a specific release date - will add a new guild system and battleground area where players will be able to test their skills.

Unfortunately, Smilegate didn't offer any additional info on the European and North American release. The company's CEO Kwon Hyuk-Bin earlier confirmed that they are looking to release the game in “more developed countries such as North America and Europe”. The important thing here is the lack of info on Chinese release, which was planned to go trough Tencent.

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With video game freeze in China currently in place, Smilegate could focus on bringing Lost Ark to European and North American players who used various methods to play the game since the beta launched back in November 2018.

Some of these methods required South Korean phone and social security numbers to sign up for beta and that's when South Korean players started creating new accounts which were then sold online to foreign players.

Anyway, if you're playing Lost Ark, check the full patch notes for 16 January update on MokokoArk . Yes, they are in English.

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