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Lost Ark adds a new Sorceress class ahead of the western release

Published: 13:59, 06 August 2021
Lost Ark's new Sorceress class
Sorceress is especially fun to use in Chaos Dungeons

The developers of the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark have today showcased a brand new Sorceress class, which is coming to the Korean version of the game.

Smilegate's mega-popular RPG Lost Ark is introducing a brand new class, which has been detailly showcased in the publisher's latest gameplay video. The Sorceress is as the name suggests a magic oriented class with some spectacular abilities. 

We won't do her any justice by writing how great her powers look so here's the official video to see it for yourself:

Since our Korean is pretty bad, like almost non-existent, we won't be diving too much into the video.

One thing we have to say is that Smilegate have once again knocked it out of the park with ability effects and animations, which look lovely. We cannot wait to finally get our hands on this game when it launches in the West later this year.

For the time being, The Sorceress class will be available only to the Korean audience. We'll have to wait for more official details regarding the class' introduction to the western version of the game. Hopefully, it will be in the game on day one.

Lost Ark is currently available in Korea and Russia. The western version of this MMORPG will be published by Amazon Games in North America and Europe, sometime later this year. 

Lost Ark is available exclusively on PC.

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