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LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution - So much untapped power!

Published: 22:21, 30 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Syndra - the Dark Sovereign
League of Legends Syndra - the Dark Sovereign

Here are all the LoLdle solutions for today, December 1, 2022. We hope that we helped you guess all the riddles, so you can keep your winning streak alive.

LoLdle is a game based on Wordle and uses Riot Games'    League of Legends  champions and their quotes, abilities, and splash arts. If you are in trouble of losing your streak of correct guesses, we are here to help. Yesterday's LoLdle quote of the day solution was Anivia - the Cryophoenix.

In today's LoLdle riddle, the quote of the day is: "So much untapped power!". Syndra is a fearsome Ionian mage with incredible power at her command. As a child, she disturbed the village elders with her reckless and wild magic. 

The answer for today's quote of the day is  Syndra - the Dark Sovereign.

For the solution of the Classic LoLdle riddle, these were the clues:

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Support
  • Species: Cat/Magically altered
  • Resource: Mana
  • Range Type: Ranged
  • Region: Bandle City
  • Release date: 2019

The solution for the Classic riddle is  Yuumi - the Magical Cat. While Book strives to keep her on task, Yuumi is often drawn to worldly comforts, such as naps and fish. In the end, however, she always returns to her quest to find her friend. 

Riot Games Bewitching Yuumi Bewitching Yuumi

The hints and clues for the Ability riddle were easy for today. The picture shows a scarecrow. The solution for today's Ability LoLdle riddle is Fiddlesticks - the Ancient Fear. The hint was Fiddlesticks' passive - A Harmless Scarecrow.

The Splash Art solution was tricky to get today. The picture shows a fiery background with some feathers. The answer for today's Splash Art riddle is Brave Phoenix Xayah - the Rebel. 


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