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LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution - Never look a tulip in the eye...

Published: 22:17, 01 December 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Lulu - the Fae Sorceress
League of Legends Lulu - the Fae Sorceress

Here are all the LoLdle solutions for today, December 2, 2022. We hope that we helped you guess all the riddles, so you can keep your winning streak alive.

LoLdle is a game based on Wordle and uses Riot Games'    League of Legends  champions and their quotes, abilities, and splash arts. If you are in trouble of losing your streak of correct guesses, we are here to help. Yesterday's LoLdle quote of the day solution was Syndra - the Dark Sovereign.

In today's LoLdle riddle, the quote of the day is: "Never look a tulip in the eye...".  While others might consider her magic at best unnatural, and at worst dangerous, she believes everyone could use a touch of enchantment. 

The answer for today's quote of the day is Lulu - the Fae Sorceress.

For the solution of the Classic LoLdle riddle, these were the clues:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Top
  • Species: Human
  • Resource: Mana
  • Range Type: Melee
  • Region: Noxus
  • Release date: 2012

The solution for the Classic riddle is Darius - the Hand of Noxus. There is no greater symbol of Noxian might than Darius, the nation's most feared and battle-hardened commander. 

Riot Games Dreadnova Darius skin Dreadnova Darius skin

The hints and clues for the Ability riddle show bullets penetrating some metal formation. The solution for today's Ability LoLdle riddle is Corki - the Daring Bombardier. The hint was Corki's passive - Hextech Munitions.

Splash Art solution was tricky to get today. The picture shows a background with a fiery tentacle-ish object. The answer for today's Splash Art riddle is Velkoz - the Eye of the Void. To be more accurate - Infernal Velkoz.


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