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LoL esports: Wunder joining Fnatic is all but officially confirmed

Published: 03:03, 18 November 2021
G2 Esports Wunder
G2 Esports Wunder

WoW aficionado, all-star toplaner and probably the best trash-talker in the west seems to be ready to join Fnatic's side as their bitter rivals, G2 Esports, appear to have relented and finally let one of their players go for black and orange.

G2 Esports' head honcho, Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez, still has some major beef with Fnatic as he keeps sabotaging the team through either obtaining their players or blocking his own from joining the black and orange side. The streak seems to be ready to be broken as there are several pointers Wunder will join FNC by the end of the transfer period.

After Ocelote announced there would be major changes in G2 after the failure to qualify for League of Legends World Championship 2021, Wunder seemed displeased on several occasions when interacting with the team's owner and it appears that the latter indeed tried to sabotage the player's transfer to FNC. There were reports G2 players could be sold to any team for a price while Fnatic would have to pay double but following a lot of pressure, a transfer from G2 into FNC seems to be finally ready to materialise.

According to Bloop of Esports Maniacos, Fnatic paid €600,000 for the toplaner who will be looking to regain the top form, which was absent from the recent splits. If he manages to do so, the team will end up being one to watch in the LEC, should the transfer with Humanoid go through as well.

Neither of the teams officially announced the transfer yet but if the FNC head coach's reaction is anything to go by, he is happy with his new top laner who will fill the empty space left by Adam's transfer to BDS.

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