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League of Legends - Bug removes Dodge Penalty in Ranked Games

Published: 01:08, 10 September 2022
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League of Legends is chock full of bugs, with every new patch resolving and adding to the bugs found in-game. it's been a while since a bug this big was noticed, though.

As far as the culture of League of Legends is concerned, ranked is the most important thing in the game. And Riot Games have leaned into this, by promoting ranks and investing in professional games.

However, in a game with so many moving parts, which gets updated every two weeks , there are bound to be bugs popping up every so often. One of them is now impacting ranked games.

Ranked games work on a principle of winning League Points for every won game, and losing League Points for every loss. In addition, leaving games during the draft, aka dodging games is penalized with a small loss of LP and a 5-minute suspension from queueing up again.

However, in patch 12.17, dodging games is not penalized with a loss of LP, due to a bug, and the only penalty is the 5-minute timer.

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This has, as we can all expect, led to people dodging all ranked games they have no confidence in winning, as the consequences for doing so are minimal at best.

riot Games have caught wind of the bug, however, and are working on a fix to be implemented as soon as possible. It's a bug that directly impacts League of Legends ranked game, and is even allowing players to win promotional games more easily, as dodges are now not counted as a loss of a promo game like they are supposed to be.

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