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LoL esports: T1 kicks Daeny and Zefa from coaching positions

Published: 14:20, 15 July 2021
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Korean esports giant suddenly switched the coaching staff mid-season and left many fans and observers somewhat confused after the abrupt decision.

Daeny and Zefa are a coaching duo that became incredibly successful during their time with Damwon Gaming and when they were initially signed to T1, the fans of the organisation were thrilled. However, T1's results from that point onward were way below what was expected and now it's clear the duo will not repeat their success from DWG days.

On July 14, 2021, T1 announced they would be parting ways with their League of Legends coaches, just eight matches before the end of the season. Chances are the decision was either too late or overdue since switching the coaching staff mid-way through the split that decides who goes to World Championship 2021 is an extremely risky move.

That said, the team performed fairly well the following day, by going 2-0 against KT Rolster. Even though KT are not in the upper half of the table, the T1 squad looked extremely confident with Oner in the jungle, who was not favoured previously. Keep in mind that such a change tends to have lasting consequences, most of which may not be visible immediately but let's hope T1 can get into their form which would mean another strong contender from Kora during Worlds 2021.

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