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TSM owner Reginald once again under criticism over misconduct

Published: 14:46, 06 May 2022
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What scandal will TSM be involved in next?

Several former TSM employees have come forward to speak up about the way Andy "Reginald" Dinh is handling things following a report on the culture of fear fostered at the organisation.

TSM is easily one of the most popular organisations in esports these days, owing to its rise to fame in the early days of the League of Legends scene. However, the things seem to be much less grandiose behind the scenes as the CEO and founder, Reginald, has been caught picking fights with TSM teammates on several occasions as far as almost a decade back but it looks like he's never faced the consequences of such actions.

As a result, negative behaviour didn't stop, as reported in depth by Washington Post , where the exposé revealed a culture of fear in the organisation. From the article, you can see that it's not just the players who are suffering from such volatile bursts by Andy Dinh, since TSM employees entirely refused to meet with him one on one at a point, as they wouldn't have witnesses that way.

After the report was published, several former TSM employees came forward with horror stories of their own. One such reply is by a former coach who was misclassified as an independent contractor while being required to leave in the TSM house. According to the post, he was being underpaid for working 16-hour days while constantly being under pressure for taking even short breaks that would allow him to speak with his then-girlfriend.

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In a not-so-ironic twist, soon after the article on the culture of fear was published, another former employee spoke about their experiences at the organisation, facing unpaid overtime and having to miss important family events due to work, before protecting their account and making the tweets invisible to people outside their circle.

One of the proofs that a culture of fear is indeed being fostered in TSM was a letter to Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, who revealed some of the abuses during his clash with Reginald in 2021. His lawyers interpreted the legal letter as a way to "shut him up" before being taken to court but that piece of evidence has also surfaced during the latest TSM PR disaster .

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