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Riot Games fines TSM owner, Reginald, and puts him on probation

Published: 00:18, 14 July 2022
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Riot Games published the competitive ruling for Andy "Reginald" Dinh which was caused by numerous reports of abuse over the years in TSM.

Stories and proof of Reginald abusing TSM members have existed for roughly a decade now but Andy Dinh has not suffered any consequences until recently. The straw that broke the camel's back arrived in the latest wave of reports of horrible working conditions in TSM as well as the high-profile feud between Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng and Reginald where the former marksman for the team aired more dirty laundry.

Riot Games launched an investigation that obviously came up with damning conclusions as the company decided to punish Reginald and TSM in two ways. First, the organisation will be fined $75,000 which can easily be seen as a slap on the wrist due to TSM's immense popularity and deep pockets.

The second part of the punishment is more significant though - Reginald will be put on a two-year probation period where any instance of employee abuse will cause "severely enhanced penalties".

Additionally, any whistleblowers will be encouraged to report abusive behaviour due to the fact that Riot will appoint an independent monitor to operate a tip-line and follow through with regular check-ins with TSM League of Legends players. In other words, Reginald is on thin ice and Riot won't allow self-investigations to happen and find nothing.

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Considering the time period over which the problems in TSM persisted, all of this might sound a bit light but there is no telling what consequences the organisation might face, should the probation period not be respected.

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