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LoL esports: Looks like TSM's Bjergsen is going mid next season

Published: 20:39, 13 September 2021
Updated: 00:44, 14 September 2021
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TSM Bjergsen
TSM Bjergsen

Team SoloMid didn't have a really shining season and it appears they are pulling the big guns out for the next one, by returning their most iconic mid laner.

TSM's last season was rather forgettable as the team didn't manage to qualify to World Championship 2021 as TL, 100T and C9 took those honours. Considering this was the inaugural season of Bjergsen as the coach as well as the first one without him in the mid lane, it's hard to say the season was a complete failure. Then again, an organisation of TSM's fame, especially in League of Legends , can hardly be satisfied with anything but the top.

While TSM might be looking for a new coach, it appears that Bjergsen's appetite for playing has resurfaced and he is looking to go back to an active role in either LCS or LEC. According to sources of Upcomer's Tyler Erzberger, who broke the story initially , Bjergsen will become a free agent in November and TSM are not looking to replace Power of Evil in their roster.

That would mean the Dane would be looking for a new team and given the extremely talented mid laners LEC is swimming in, chances are he will try his luck in the LCS, should the rumours come to pass.

Bjergsen's contract also gave him partial ownership of TSM, which will undoubtedly make his efforts to return to active play even harder.

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