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LoL Esports: Jatt steps down from Team Liquid head coach position

Published: 17:46, 24 June 2021
Team Liquid
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Team Liquid

Team Liquid is going through a rough patch and some of the sweeping changes included Jatt stepping down from his position as well as some other roster alterations.

Team Liquid posted a roster update after a few turbulent weeks following the benching of important players such as Alphari and Santorin. Some reports alleged it was the head coach, Jatt, who pushed these players away and that the team would be much stronger with them around.

Some of these changes might be getting reverted soon as Jatt has stepped down from his position while Kold will fill the empty slot in the staff. As he was promoted from Strategic Coach, he will now be assisted by H4xDefender.

There is also the question of Alphari and Santorin - TL's post on Twitter noted the top laner will remain on break until June 27, 2021, so it's clear Jenkins will be starting all the LCS matches this week as well. It's currently unknown if Alphari will be the starting top laner the next week.

As for Santorin, his health issues are apparently still debilitating and he will not be rejoining the main roster soon, if at all. In the meantime, the jungle slot will be occupied by Armao , formerly known as Grig, who has been promoted from the academy roster.

Steve Arhancet stated he won't be getting hands-on with the team in the follow-up press conference so the team will hopefully find their form without outside meddling.

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Given the quality of TL lineup, they certainly can make it to Worlds 2021 and their current standing on the table all but guarantees an appearance at the LCS Championship.

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