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LoL Esports: Cloud 9 to return Fudge to top, roleswap Zven

Published: 23:48, 27 April 2022
Cloud 9
Cloud 9
Cloud 9

LCS Spring Split 2022 has been very hectic for Cloud 9 and it looks like the team is making major changes ahead of the second half of the season.

Cloud 9 started LCS Spring Split 2022 on a strong note but their coach, LS, was abruptly fired just a few weeks into the season. Despite the supposed explanation, many details about the affair remained hidden and C9 fans immediately started worrying how this would turn out for the team.

Initially, the impact wasn't too big as C9 finished the regular season in the second spot, behind Team Liquid. However, they crumbled in the Spring playoffs, which warranted further action and reshuffling of the squad.

The initial leaks pointed to Fudge going back to top lane, which would mean Summit would either get benched or move elsewhere. The news wasn't well-received by the fans as the Korean top laner proved to be a strong point for C9 during the regular season. On the other hand, he had trouble during the playoff matches, which is probably stemming from deeper issues, hence the Fudge switch.

While surprising, that is not even the biggest banger for the supposed C9 roster plans. Apparently, the team is looking to utilise their substitute ADC, Zven, in the support role next split. This sounded wild initially but he was spotted spamming supports in solo queue recently. That said, it's not hard to imagine Zven merely trolling the people observing the situation.

League of Legends - Ahri League of Legends - Ahri

Either way, it is evident that C9 needs some sweeping changes if they are looking to perform better domestically and doubly so if they want some international success.

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