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League of Legends have repeat European finals for the first time

Published: 10:51, 07 April 2019
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League of Legends European Championship

League of Legends' European eSports competition, LEC, formerly known as EU LCS, has never had same teams in the play-off finals, regardless of whether it was Summer or Spring split. Fnatic, G2 and Origen will change that on 14 April 2019.

Finals of any competition include just two teams and LEC is no different, despite three teams still running for the trophy. It is simply this way because G2 secured their spot in the finals while Fnatic and Origen will duke it out on 13 April 2019 for the other spot.

Once they do though, they will present the League of Legends eSport fans with something that hasn't happened in the competition ever since it was called EU LCS. LEC will have repeat finals, no matter which two teams meet there.

Fnatic faced off with Origen in finals, back when the former ran with a perfect 18-0 score with Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles and YellowStar on the roster. They remained undefeated through a 3-0 sweep against Unicorns of Love in the semi-finals, with Origen managing to snag the only two games Fnatic would lose in the entire summer split but that wasn't enough as the series of five matches went to the team in black and orange.

Origen then went on to make another finals appearance in the , only to be defeated by G2 with the final score being 3-1. While Origen had two back to back appearances in finals, G2 and Fnatic took the glory.

These two teams finally met in the finals during EU LCS 2018 Spring Split, in a season that would turn out to be terrific for both teams later on. Fnatic took the finals in a 3-0 sweep.

Through all the splits mentioned above, only Rekkles and PerkZ were the constants, on Fnatic and G2 respectively and finals could serve as another clash of long-time rivals, provided Fnatic get past Origen in the lower bracket.

Fnatic Picture of Fnatic's new mid laner, Nemesis League of Legends - Fnatic Nemesis

Back on the topic of the great season for G2 and Fnatic, the former made it to semi-finals of the World Championship going through RNG, the Chinese powerhouse many expected to win the whole thing. Fnatic was on the other side of the bracket, eventually making it to the finals but losing to the same team that booted G2, which was another Chinese top team - Invictus Gaming.

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