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League of Legends Worlds 2022 Finals: T1 vs DRX preview

Published: 18:13, 04 November 2022
Riot Games
Will Faker get his fourth League of Legends Worlds title?
Will Faker get his fourth League of Legends Worlds title?

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has been a great tournament so far. The Worlds 2022 Finals kick off on Saturday in San Francisco, as T1 led by Faker is going against the rising DRX squad.

There are a lot of talking points about this Riot Games' League of Legends  finals. There is the narrative of T1 making the finals with the young guys alongside the best League of Legends history players in Faker.

T1  vs DRX  will start at the draft. Both teams have shown some level of versatility and proactiveness as a team. For T1, it’s about drafting a team comp to take control of the game and win that way. DRX does it a little differently as they want to put their players in the right position to take the fight to the opponents.

Whoever gets the advantage in drafts will have a big advantage in these games. DRX is a team capable of coming back in games, while T1 loves being in control and not giving it over. It will be a great contest of styles in the draft as their styles determine how they draft.

T1 and DRX will be trying to push advantages in their lanes. T1 will primarily be focusing top lane, as Zeus has been their best player. So expect T1 to make a lot of plays toward the top side. 

T1’s bot lane in Gumayusi and Keria has been in form the entire tournament. They have dominated the bot lanes for most of their tournament. Now they are up against a neutralizing bot lane, as Deft and Beryl have neutralized every bot lane they have played.


Riot Games Faker vs Deft is the most anticipated duel in the finals ! Faker vs Deft is the most anticipated duel in the finals!

While T1 loves to control the game and keep things under wraps, DRX wants to scrap and want to wrestle control away from the opponents and outplay their opponents. 

So, we can only expect a blast in this series.  T1 will start early but expect DRX to improve as the series continues. We are in for a great clash and probably the most interesting League of Legends Finals is upon us.


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